call for participation

Show off your latest tech innovation!

Deadline for application: 5 p.m. CET, May 8th, 2015

Organized annually by the Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster with top-level sponsorship by Magyar Telekom since 2009, the Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS) serves as a platform for innovative businesses to showcase their latest tech products and services to an audience of entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, technical talent, representatives of the media, and the general public. HITS provides a great opportunity to see what’s cooking in the local tech industry and to rub elbows with the live wires of the local startup, corporate, and geek scene.

The exhibitors will be selected through this open call by a panel of entrepreneurs, investors, and opinion leaders. The winning applicants will get a chance to show and pitch their product or service at a half-day event on May 26th, Tuesday, 2015 in the heart of downtown Budapest, at the Akvárium Klub. Check out the website of HITS 2013 and HITS 2014 to see what to expect.

HITS 2015 is seeking new tech products, solutions, and services that meet the following criteria:

  • were developed/created in the past 1-3 years,
  • have at least a functioning prototype that can be exhibited and interactively demoed,
  • have some element of genuine, internationally valid innovation in them,
  • belong – preferably but not exclusively – to one of the following areas:
    • mobile technologies, mobile applications
    • innovative financial solutions
    • M2M communication, Internet of Things
    • IT solutions supporting corporate processes
    • 3D printing
    • biotechnology, e-health
    • big data, data analytics
    • smart systems
    • internet access, on-line identity, cyber security.

The list of the successful applicants will be published on May 12th, 2015 under the “Exhibitors” menu point on the HITS website.

Successful applicants will get:

  • Exhibit space during the event – includes power, internet and company signage
  • Company logo, link and description on event website
  • 3 conference passes
  • Additional passes available at 35% discount
  • Chance to pitch their business on stage
  • Consideration for the HITS 2015 prize by a panel made up of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals.

Please be advised that we request a modest financial contribution from the exhibitors. HITS is a not-for-profit event, the requested contributions will be used in their entirety to cover the costs of the exhibition. The exact amount of the requested contribution depends on the annual revenue of the exhibiting company, and will be determined according to the following:

  • Private individuals and micro- and small enterprises with an annual revenue below 85,000 EUR (in last closed budget year) are expected to make a contribution of 65 EUR.
  • Micro- and small enterprises with an annual revenue between 85,000 and 170,000 EUR (in last closed budget year) are expected to make a contribution of 150 EUR.
  • Companies with an annual revenue between 170,000 and 510,000 EUR (in last closed budget year) are expected to make a contribution of 250 EUR.
  • Companies with an annual revenue above 510,000 EUR (in last closed budget year) are expected to make a contribution of 400 EUR.

For the top three non-Hungarian applicants selected by our jury, we will waive the contribution fee requested from exhibitors.


Deadline for application: 5 p.m. CET, May 8th, 2015

Privacy Clause
The organizers undertake the obligation that all non-public ideas, technical details, business solutions, and other confidential information acquired by the organizers in relation to this call and in relation to the Hungarian Innovation TechShow 2015 will be treated confidentially, and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the members of the jury participating in the selection process. The organizers furthermore take responsibility for the members of the jury accepting this same obligation as binding on them as well.

The responsibility assumed by the above statement will naturally not extend to cover information that will be perceivable or otherwise available to the visitors of the exhibition, or will be disclosed to the visitors by the exhibitors themselves.

The organizers will use the information obtained from and on the applicants exclusively for the purpose of selecting the best exhibitors for the Hungarian Innovation TechShow 2015, and in the case of the winning applications, for the organization and communication of the joint events.