5LitresA water-efficient showerhead that offers a way to tackle one of the great environmental challenges of our time: water waste. With the help of the device we can achieve a dramatic 90%+ reduction in the average consumption when taking a shower.
Appelar Assist – Cloud-based cost registering and cost analyzing subscription service for farmers including a special communication tool for players of agribusiness. It can help to get real time detailed informations about farming activity, to manage self-costs and it can support the administration processes as well.
Atmos – Tap and Play – A cloud game engine that lets you try mobile games without installing.
BeeRides – BeeRides lets flight travellers to park at the airport for free and to rent out their cars with full insurance to other pre-screened travellers. Members get free parking, free car wash and also get paid if their car is rented out.
Codie – It’s a robotic toy that teaches kids the principles of coding. The custom-built visual programming language and the wooden robot makes learning programming tangible and fun. Codie gradually introduces kids the different programming concepts at an appropriate time.
CX-Ray – They measure collaboration, make it visible and show its evolution over time. CX-Ray tools helps you to understand collaboration in your organisation.
Dancing with Drones – It’s a concept offering a novel entertainment form, the multimedia drone show. They combine the state of the art science of collective robotics with contemporary dance.
etalon – An IoT hub and corresponding dashboard for measuring and logging sensor data in our environment and sending the information to our smartphone or tablet.
Home Automation Platform – It’s an end to end home automation platform with the purpose to give total control to the user over any brand of smart home device. It can integrate all existing protocols and devices into one easy-to-use cloud based software.
Mindkick – This project is a high-tech upgrade to the classic table-football game, where players wear high-end brainwave sensors and control the movement of the ball on the table with merely their thoughts.
Moow rumen bolus – Its bolus is designed to provide continuous and reliable measurement of the pH level and temperature of the rumen and allows farmers and vets. The detector measures the CO2 and NH3 concentration in the stable too.
Route4U – The world’s first journey planner for wheelchair users: a free Android app that makes it simpler, safer, and more comfortable for wheelchair bound people to plan their trips and navigate in their outdoors environments.
Secure Call Center – This is a unique customer care solution that helps to avoid call center data fraud by securing all communication channels between companies and their clients.
Shapr3D – Shapr3D set out to develop an easy and versatile software for the newcomers to the 3D printing scene. Its iPad app is simple and easy­to learn program that almost anyone can use to quickly and precisely design 3D objects.
shoVRoom – A digital service bringing the showroom experience to a virtual reality environment. Not limited by physical space or inventory, this is the ideal solution for presenting high value goods (cars, real estate) in a real-time 3D space.
Xeropan – Xeropan is a FREE interactive smartphone application which develops your learning through exciting videos, audio, grammar explanations and tests. Today’s education system requires separate books, workbooks, audio and of course, a teacher, which just makes learning impractical.
Vetitek.com – This application give you the lightest way to create and share impressively illustrated online mind-maps without fighting a complicated interface.