During a half day-long workshop on April 18 2011 the jury summarized the results and selected by consent the 21 Hungarian high-tech solutions of the XXIth century that will be on show at the Hungarian Innovation TechShow organized on May 17-18 2011. Members of the jury agreed that the chosen 21 high-tech solutions will live up to worthily represent also on an international level the Hungarian creativity and entrepreneurial spirit regarding infocommunication technologies.

The 21 selected high-tech solutions are the following:

BHE Bonn Hungary Electornics Ltd.: BUAV 10 – pilot-free small airplane system
Digital Natives: MixGar – The next generation jukebox
Balázs Győrffy Dr., Zsombor Benke : Online diagnostic device for treating breast cancer
Dániel Endrődi: Stratospheric research platform (parallel communication from borderlines of space)
ENTAL Research, Development and Advisory Ltd.: Intelligent goal as ball speedometer
ESRI Hungary Ltd.: GISearch: Map-bases search engine
Fornax Co.: Eventus TSS and Mobile Workforce – system for high quality operation of telecommunications applications
Gravity R&D Ltd.: Gravity Impress – recommendation system for user-friendly television watching
Hedz: iziSHOP mTicket & eTicket
Holografika Ltd.: 3.5 m diagonal screen HoloVizio 3D cinema and interactive display system
HomeSys Media Service Ltd.: Set-top-box (Hybridbox) and software solution creating the interactive (Hybrid) television
in4 Ltd.: iGlue – the web’s glue. Semantic search tool and content organizer
Infomatix Ltd.: MobiAccess – mobile development framework that ensures a common development environment for various popular mobile platforms
Intellio Technologies Co.: VisiScanner customer analyzer solution (with gender and age specification)
Intellisense Co.: WebCam Laboratory – educational, web camera-based nature-observation laboratory for students and teachers
iPONT International Ltd.: iPONT 3D TV box – live 3DTV-platform
Kitchen Budapest: Grandma’s cooking – electronic device helping to maintain mental contact with our elderly relatives
István Lám, Szilveszter Szebeni, András Eisenberger: Tresorium – secure handling of group authorization in P2P environment without the involvement of third parties
Medirlab Medical-biology Development Ltd.: Medirlab Infradiagnostic System (MIDS) product family
Remagine Technologies Ltd.: SmartSocket – energy consumption optimization
TcT Hungary Ltd.: CallMix – Extending voice-based communication to multicommunication through creating platform-independent visualisation

A total of 86 applications arrived before the given deadline (17:00 CET on April 8 2011) in the open national contest called “We look for Hungary’s new Neumanns!”. Members of the jury have evaluated the received proposals based on the following criteria:

  • meeting expectations of the call,
  • professional content of the proposal,
  • state-of-the-art of the prototype/product/service entered for the competition,
  • being in line with the Hungarian Innovation TechShow mentality.

The jury of the Hungarian Innovation TechShow’s contest called “We look for Hungary’s new Neumanns!” was composed of the following persons:

1. Zsolt Nyitrai, Minister of State for Infocommunications at the Ministry of National Development,

2. György Mészáros, President of the National Innovation Office,

3. Gábor Magyar, Vice-president of the Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary,

4. Ádám Somlai-Fischer, founder of prezi.com,

5. Gábor Gerélnyi, President of the Association of Hungarian Content Providers,

6. Szabolcs Józsa, leader of game developer team at Nemesys Games,

7. Zoltán Bruckner, managing director of Primus Capital,

8. Ádám Bodnár, editor in chief of HWSW.