12.00-12.45 – lunch

12.50-13.15 – opening remarks

Roland Jakab, president at MMCluster; managing director at Ericsson Hungary
Roland Krascsenics, director of non-core business areas at Magyar Telekom
István Íjgyártó, Minister of State for Cultural and Science Diplomacy at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

13.15-13.45 – fireside chat with Péter Tánczos, managing partner at Euroventures Capital, an independent private equity and venture capital firm in Central Europe, which has made a string of successful exits in the past year.

Host: Barnabás Málnay, director at MMCluster, partner at WS Cofounder, biz. dev. advisor at EIT ICT Labs.

13.45-14.15 – fireside chat with Megan Jones, clinical psychologist and internationally recognized researcher at Stanford Medical School, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at venture-backed Lantern, which offers online and mobile coaching programs to support mental health.

Host: Sabie Valner, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, managing partner at Digital Factory and CEED Tech.

14.15-15.00 – time to network & talk to exhibitors

15.00-15.30 – fireside chat with Ville Ylläsjärvi, former Nokia lead product manager, co-founder of premium IoT device design company Haltian, one of the fastest growing Finnish tech startups, and founder of Haltian’s new venture, Thingsee, the world’s first open-source IoT smart developer device.

Hostess: Emer Kirrane, Product Manager at Prezi, formerly Product Owner of Yahoo Web Analytics at Yahoo.

15.30-15.50 – time to network & talk to exhibitors

15.50-17.30 – exhibitors’ pitch rally

moderators: Emer Kirrane & Orsi Forster, program manager at Kitchen Budapest, formerly program coordinator at Cleantech Open.

15:50-15:55  5Litres
15:56-16:01  Appelar Assist
16:02-16:07  Atmos – Tap and Play
16:08-16:13  BeeRides
16:18-16:19  Codie
16:20-16:25  CX-Ray
16:26-16:31  Dancing with Drones
16:32-16:37  etalon
16:38-16:43  Mindkick
16:44-16:49  Moow rumen bolus
16:50-16:55  Route4U
16:56-17:01  Secure Call Center
17:02-17:07  Shapr3D
17:08-17:13  shoVRoom
17:14-17:19  Xeropan

17.30-18.00 – fireside chat with Felix Häusler, co-founder of red hot Austrian smart business chat solution and browser tabs killer ChatGrape, which has recently received investment from Zynga founder Mark Pincus and Betaworks venture partner and Facebook head of new product development Josh Miller.

Host: Barnabás Málnay

18.00-18.15 – closing & announcement of HITS winners

18.15-          – wine & networking